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  Gaocheng Town, Yixing City, Yixing city is located in Beijiao, Taihu to the East and north of Gehu Lake, humid climate, is a typical Jiangnan Yumizhixiang famous environmental products and processing production base.

The company is located in Gaocheng town China international environmental protection city. Professional engaged in environmental protection and water treatment engineering, and provide technical advice and technical guidance services, environmental protection, water treatment project design, ……
  GNL inner loop flow sand filter  
  GNL inner loop flo...  
  Tube type microporous aeration device capable of lifting  
  Tube type micropor...  
  NW-I type full automatic water purifier  
  NW-I type full aut...  
  Internal circulating IC anaerobic reactor  
  Internal circulati...  
  Pulse type UASB anaerobic reactor  
  Pulse type UASB an...  
  Pulse type UBF anaerobic reactor  
  Pulse type UBF ana...  
  Mechanical grid  
  Mechanical grid  
  DMC type pulse water distributor  
  DMC type pulse wat...  
  copolymerization of ethylene and propylene honeycomb inclined pipe  
  copolymerization o...  
  Six angle honeycomb inclined tube packing  
  Six angle honeycom...  
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